Strawberry Fields


Strawberry Fields began in the spring of 2016 and end in the spring of 2018.

Strawberry Fields is a set of three days art exhibitions taking place four times a year in ET - Espace Témoin, a gallery run by the Gus association. Manon Thomas-Pavlowsky and Célia Sozet, designers and founders at bureau sacha von der potter.

These exhibitions seek to reveil emerging creators, all of them sharing a special bond with Geneva, whithin a unique scenography conceived and crafted by le bureau sacha von der potter. Mostly regarded as a backdrop for art, scenography in exhibition design remains a minor practice. The words themselves are unknown to the general public. However, it plays a major part in the visitor’s experience. Strawberry Fields aims for a change in this tendency by giving as much importance to the scenography as to the exposed pieces.

These events could be viewed as a set of scenographic experiments. Out of similar facts - single exhibitor, same space, three days - new propositions will arise. This way, a unique scenographic repertoire will be created gradually with each exhibition.